Location: Tarong Qld

Value: Approx $750,000

Client: Downer Civil

Expertise: Road Construction

Contract Type: SOR

Duration: May 17 – Oct 17


Stanwell Corporation Limited (Stanwell) is undertaking the Meandu Mine Surface Rights Extension (SRE) Project which will extend the area available for the mine. The SRE requires the closure of a section of Ridge Road and Tarong-Yarraman Road, so a new road section is to be constructed to maintain connectivity. The new road will become a realignment Ridge Road which will connect with the existing Ridge Road 

Brown was contracted by Downer Civil to provide its expertise, plant and personnel to guarantee the successful delivery of the civil road infrastructure


Site clearance and grubbing • topsoil stripping • earthworks • roadworks including gravel pavement layers and AC surfacing where required • cross drainage including culverts and scour protection • side drainage including scour protection • road furniture • rehabilitation of areas disturbed during construction


Liaison, cooperation and coordination with all separate contractors and service to facilitate the construction of their works and ensure the successful progress and completion of all the works on-time and under budget

Safety Record:

Zero Lost Time Injuries

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