New Project: Tallowwood Cemetery Expansion


We’re pleased to have been awarded the Tallowwood Cemetery Expansion Stage 3 project by Moreton Bay Regional Council. Work will commence in April 2015.

This appointment is testament to our adaptive approach to civil infrastructure and practical, cost-effective methods. By designing every proposal from the ground up to suit client needs and goals, we aim to find the optimal solution to every project.

A resourceful solution

Our proposal for Tallowwood Cemetery takes advantage of the site’s unique topography and existing materials. By clearing trees and using the mulch for erosion control, we will limit the need for costly silt fencing. Starting from the bottom of the site, we have also planned each project stage to minimise machinery downtime and maximise cost-efficiency.

Two areas of bushland at the south of the site will be retained for koala access and stormwater drainage. The site is also host to several significant Tallowwood and specimen trees, which will be retained for aesthetic value and to provide nesting opportunities for wildlife.

Exciting times are ahead, as we look forward to working with Moreton Bay Regional Council on this project and other projects in the future. Stay tuned… 

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